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Fluence Awarded Its First Waste to Energy Project in Argentina

Fluence Awarded Its First Waste to Energy Project in Argentina A €1.7 million cont...

Fluence Awarded Its First Waste to Energy Project in Argentina

A €1.7 million contract to design and install an agricultural waste to energy system Argentinian beef processor, ArreBeef Energia S.A., has been awarded to Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC).

The system will be designed and built specifically for use in the livestock industry using anaerobic digestion technology developed by Fluence to produce biogas, as well as electrical and thermal energy. The system is expected to be installed and operational onsite by November 2019.

This will be Fluence’s first waste to energy system in Argentina, with the scope of work to include upgrading ArreBeef Energia’s existing wastewater treatment plant and adding a custom-designed waste to energy system that will use the sludge and byproducts from meat processing to produce biogas. The biogas will in turn be used to produce electrical and thermal energy.

ArreBeef Energia will use the thermal energy produced by Fluence’s system to power its own operations, thereby lowering its operating costs. The electrical energy produced will be fed into the grid in Buenos Aires, allowing ArreBeef Energia to benefit from incentives under Argentina’s RenovAR initiative.

RenovAr was established by the national government in 2016 to incentivize businesses to lower their energy costs and increase the efficiency of the national grid.

“ArreBeef Energia will be our first installation in Argentina for waste-to-energy, and our first solution that addresses the specific needs of the meat processing business. We intend to use this project as a valuable reference site as we look to secure further projects in this industry throughout South America,” commented Fluence’s Managing Director and CEO, Henry Charrabé.

Hugo Borrell, President of ArreBeef Energía S.A., added: “We are pleased with the value proposition of the solution designed for us by Fluence, which will allow us to reduce our costs, increase our efficiency and capture national incentives. We look forward to a successful collaboration with Fluence.”

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